The Tetramass PLUS additive can be incorporated into or onto virtually any substrate and does not use Silver Technology (which has been shown to migrate out of some surfaces leaving the surface unprotected).

Tetramass PLUS is currently being used in hospitals, care homes, schools, veterinary, furniture in the leisure industry, air conditioning units and fabric protection, to name just a few.

Tetramass PLUS has been shown to be effective against all gram positive and gram negative bacteria it has been tested against. This includes antibiotic resistant strains i.e. Methacillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and many more.
The Tetramass PLUS additive is supported by the HSE, BPD, EPA and FDA Approval.Tetramass PLUS has many worldwide regulatory approvals and is listed on the following inventories:

Tetramass PLUS when incorporated into the coating is immobile and has very low water solubility. This means that when used in coatings that are subject to wear the Antimicrobial properties will remain so long as there is some coating left on the product. Also repeated washing and cleaning of the coating surface (with none oxidizing cleaners) over a long period of time does not impact the long term efficacy of the Tetramass PLUS.

Listed below is just a few of the bacteria, yeasts and moulds that Tetramass Plus Additive has been tested against:

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