Textile Protection

Fine Fabrics

Tetramass has developed specialist coatings to improve the durability and longevity of delicate and fine silk fabrics.  These have been of particular benefit to the world of interior design, furnishing and décor of hotels, restaurants and country clubs, museums and stately homes

We’ve also created textile protecting UV inhibitors that prevent fabrics from fading.

Outdoor fabrics

We’ve also developed a range of spray, aerosols and sponge or brush-applied products for the waterproofing and cleaning of outdoor fabrics such as tents, clothing, rucksacks, footwear and umbrellas.

We’ve also designed products that inhibit mildew growth, ideal for sails, for example, that are put into storage for the winter.

Wax jackets

We’ve created wax sprays and dressings that restore the appearance and water repellancy of wax jackets and other garments.

And although strictly speaking not a fabric, we’ve created protective and restorative products for leather too.


To find out more about changing, protecting or weatherproofing fabrics, call us now on 01604 781880 or email enquries@tetramass.co.uk

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