Any surface and any material.

We develop coatings and additives for ANY surface and any material – wood, metal, plastic, masonry, fabric, leather, glass and more… Simply let us know what you are trying to achieve and we’ll get to work.

Here are some examples of the unique applications we supply additives and coatings for.

Antibacterial coatings and additives

Non-toxic water-based coatings that dry in minutes and are incredibly tough, durable and 100% water resistant.  Confirm to European Directive, EPA, FDA and HSE requirements, with full certification available.


Products for creating, enhancing or preserving a beautiful finish.

Flexibility and elasticity

Unique formulations that retain incredible flexibility. Imagine painting a bouncy castle…

UV protection

From fade-resistant paints, to specialist coatings that protect delicate fabrics.


Sprays, coatings and sealants that can make fabrics completely waterproof without affecting their appearance or texture, from yacht sails to high-fashion evening gown.


Preserving the appearance, character and integrity of a wide range of materials including fabrics, leathers, fine art, paints, wood and more…

Corrosion control

Protection, lubrication and surface care products for prevention and control of rust for virtually any application.